Project Studio Musicmate


Since 2007 i do own a small project studio called Musicmate in my garden with a recording and an edit room

During the years i recorded many demos for groups, musicians and soloprojects and some of them where released on cd

Many incredible talents allready came by




If you are interested to record alone or with other musicians you are very welcome

Just send me an email or call

Soundscapes for theater productions

I also wrote music and made soundscapes for Grid, a theater school in Doetinchem (now called Amphion cultuurbedrijf) for wich i could make almost every year production music and soundscapes for their performances on stage

December 2021 one of their productions is 'on tour' in Belgium called : 'Aan de andere kant


Here is a small overview of very musical recordings i did with some  great musicians from NL

Solorecording  Guitarplayer Henk Sprenger performing Country song

Henk Sprenger with daughter Margot performing Thou Swell

Geef het aan de bomen - Lyrics by Margot and music by Henk Sprenger

Demo with Abba tunes -  a Project of singer Judith Nijland

Demo with songs in old Latin - written and sang by singerJudith Nijland

Frozen in time by Rik Cornelissen on accordeon

Sertao by Frank and Rik Cornelissen

Pools played by Taco Nieuwenhuizen - all instruments
Remco vd Sluijs - drums


Music... someone dissapears  through a magic door ...

Music for small kids

Henk Sprenger is a versatile musician who plays incredible guitar but also piano and clarinet. He is also composer and arranger. He comes by to record a couple of times a year, sometimes with his daughter Margot who is a natural autodidact singer. She writes also lyrics





1papa1mama2huizen project - released in September 2021.
About  the problems a divorce between parents gives for their kids.
The original was a theater performance, but we made it into an audiobook.
I did all recording, arrangements of music, small music songs, all soundscapes and put it all together into a 45 minute audio

Available on usb, just send an email if interested 

Birthday with dog