A time ago in 2011 i recorded my first solo album with songs of my own hand composed from ideas made on bass

The bassideas where inspired by my 70's 80's and 90's influences of bassplayers and groups like Weather Report, Zawinul Syndicate and bassplayers like Jaco Pastorius(RIP), Victor Bailey(RIP), Marcus Miller and Jimmy Haslip, to name a few LEGENDS!

After making material i searched for diverse musicians around me who give each other their own flavour to my ideas and my group was formed



The music is fusion style with  latin influences because i always have had a preference for this rhytmic and open sensitive music

we love to play live!



In 2015 another cd was realized with the group Tocar

In this group we play with accordeon , latin piano, latin drums and me on double bass and fretted bass.

The repertoire we write mainly by ourselves and  we do often arrangements together in rehearse time.
The cd is called 'Birds of Paradise'

We added a 4 string ensemble from RFO to add some beautiful flavour


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We love to play live!